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Jone Johnson Lewis is actually a women’s record creator who has been associated with the ladies path since the later sixties

Jone Johnson Lewis is actually a women’s record creator who has been associated with the ladies path since the later sixties

  • Recognized for: the fresh new wealthiest lady during the Europe in her own day; Queen out of France double, partnered to help you two kings in succession.
  • Occupation: sovereign Duchess from Burgundy
  • Dates: January twenty two, 1477 – January nine, 1514
  • Known as: Anne de Bretagne, Anna Vreizh


  • Mother: Margaret off Foix, child regarding Queen Eleanor away from Navarre and you can Gaston IV, Amount of Foix
  • Father: Francis II, Duke of Brittany, just who fought with Queen Louis and Charles VIII off France to remain Brittany independent, and you may exactly who secure Henry Tudor that has escaped The united kingdomt and create later become Queen Henry VII from The united kingdomt.
  • Member of our house of Dreux-Montfort, tracing ancestry returning to Hugh Capet, this new French king.
  • Sibling: A more youthful sis, Isabelle, died for the 1490

Anne from Brittany Bio

Inside 1483, Anne’s father establish having their own so you’re able to get married the fresh new Prince of Wales, Edward, child of Edward IV out of England. That same seasons, Edward IV passed away and you will Edward V is actually temporarily king until their uncle, Richard III, grabbed the new throne additionally the more youthful prince and his sibling vanished consequently they are thought to own become murdered.

An alternative it is possible to partner is actually Louis out-of Orleans, however, he had been already partnered and would need to get an enthusiastic annulment so you can get married Anne.

When you look at the 1486, Anne’s mom passed away. Her father, without male heirs, developed one to Anne do inherit his headings and you can lands.

Into the 1488, Anne’s father try forced to indication a pact which have France stating that neither Anne nor her sis Isabelle you certainly will marry without the permission of one’s queen out of France. For the month, Anne’s father passed away from inside the any sort of accident, and Anne, rarely over the https://kissbrides.com/estonian-women/ age of ten years dated, is kept his heiress.

Matrimony Possibilities

Alain d’Albret, named Alain the nice (1440 in order to 1552), attempted to arrange a married relationship which have Anne, hoping the fresh new alliance having Brittany manage enhance their fuel up against France’s royal authority. Anne refuted their proposition.

Within the 1490, Anne provided to get married the fresh Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian, who have been a friend out of their own father in his effort to store Brittany separate regarding French handle. The fresh new price given you to she would keep their unique sovereign label once the Duchess out-of Brittany throughout the their relationship. Maximilian was married so you’re able to Mary, Duchess out-of Burgundy, before she passed away inside the 1482, leaving a great young buck, Philip, their heir, and you will an excellent child Margaret betrothed in order to Charles, young buck out of Louis XI away from France.

Charles, Louis’s young man, turned into queen regarding France since Charles VIII. His brother Anne had served because the their regent just before he was of age. When he achieved his vast majority and you can influenced without having any regency, the guy delivered soldiers to Brittany to quit Maximilian regarding doing their matrimony to Anne from Brittany. Maximilian had been assaulting in the Spain and you will Central European countries, and you may France managed to easily subdue Brittany.

King out of France

Charles set-up one Anne would get married your, and she arranged, assured you to definitely its arrangement allows Brittany significant versatility. It married with the December six, 1491, and you may Anne was crowned King regarding France with the March 8, 1492. In becoming Queen, she had to give up their unique label as Duchess out of Brittany. After that wedding, Charles got Anne’s wedding to help you Maximilian annulled.

The wedding contract ranging from Anne and Charles specified that whoever outlived another create inherit Brittany. it given whenever Charles and you may Anne didn’t come with male heirs, and you will Charles passed away first, one Anne do marry Charles’ replacement.

The child, Charles, was born in Oct regarding 1492; he died in 1495 of measles. Another child passed away following delivery there had been a few almost every other pregnancies conclude inside stillbirths.