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Putting on this new Seas and you can Seas [ ]

Putting on this new Seas and you can Seas [ ]

The brand new Titans 1st encountered the top hands, since they was basically way more knowledgeable warriors given that gods got little or no experience attacking. Yet not, given that numerous years of the war enacted, the fresh gods rapidly turned skilled fighters too, and with the assistance of their brand new extremely powerful firearms, together with services of the Older Cyclopes and you will Hekatonkheires, brand new gods fundamentally been successful. Poseidon themselves became a potentially dangerous and you may ferocious warrior, and you will significantly led to a perfect downfall out-of Kronos and his Titanic supporters.

When preparing into finally race of your own War, Poseidon and his siblings ascended to Attach Olympus (this new highest hill in Greece shortly after Install Orthys). Inside finally competition, Zeus utilized their Grasp Bolt to shear off the greatest regarding Mount Othrys, and hurl Kronos of his Black Throne, conquering the Titan King. Quickly thereafter, brand new gods invaded brand new spoils regarding Mount Orthys, last but most certainly not least overwhelmed Atlas, Hyperion, Iapetus, Krios, and you can Koios.

Regarding the aftermath of your own battle, the newest Older Cyclopes chained up the outdone Titans, because Hekatonkheires pressed them to kneel ahead of Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades. Zeus took their dad’s scythe, and you will sliced Kronos to your good thousand parts, just before casting him towards Tartarus, with the rest out-of their supporters (except for Standard Atlas, who was simply forced to hold the Air).


Immediately after their return away from Tartarus, Poseidon with his siblings theoretically declared conflict for the Kronos in addition to most other Titans, and this contributed to the fresh new frightening 10-year-a lot of time Titanomachy

The gods chosen Attach Olympus since their certified home, and also the Older Cyclopes depending excellent palaces around in their mind most of the. Consequently, new gods come to label by themselves the brand new Olympians. Eventually thereafter, Poseidon got a private interviewing his brothers Hades and Zeus, therefore the three brothers provided to separate the country anywhere between themselves. Although it is Hades’ birthright (since Kronos’ earliest young buck) are named his dad’s successor, he agreed to separate the fresh Titan King’s former website name together with his brothers. Hades obtained the Underworld, Poseidon grabbed the oceans, and you will Zeus said new air given that their domain name. After so it division, the 3 mighty sons out-of Kronos was born called „the major Around three.” not, Zeus’ authority had been seen as much better than regarding his brothers, due to him introducing them out of Kronos, in which he ergo turned the fresh King out-of Mount Olympus also due to the fact Olympians.

Even so, it had been evident that there was stress anywhere between Poseidon and you will Zeus, to possess although the former attempted to stick to the latter’s commands, he nevertheless discovered the latter become a stable annoyance. All the gods was also very cautious while Poseidon (the sea) and you can Zeus (the new sky) been arguing, for a combat between the two would be catastrophic to everyone. And this, just after the next generation out of gods founded the respective domains, Rhea recommended that Poseidon grab his exit regarding Olympus to understand more about his the newest domain of oceans, sending him to call home to the Telekhines.

Which, Poseidon spent a lot of time for the Telekhines, just who experienced your not only in the methods of sea, and also to reach a sophisticated out of expertise more their Trident. Just after he had read all that he could from their store, Poseidon chose to build his very own castle, and soon had the Elderly Cyclopes build Atlantis (their official under water household) getting him towards the bottom of the Aegean Water. Oceanus, the latest Titan of one’s sea, not aspiring to seek a fight, transferred to even more greater areas of the ocean.

phitrite [ ]

At the beginning of his rule, Poseidon began seeking a partner. His interest in the future looked to the most wonderful Nereid, Amphitrite, but she rejected his offer and you will fled. Consequently, Poseidon turned extremely depressed, and you can pointlessly walked regarding the his castle, bellowing „higher than good humpback whale”, providing of a lot whales and you will large squids awful migraine headaches.